There are many beautiful and intriguing stamps showing botanical specimens, such as flowers, fungi, trees, and even fruit and vegetables. Some of the minisheets here are suitable for framing. Botanical stamps are also useful illustrations for guides to plants of the world.

There is something very relaxing about pottering around with botanical stamps, especially in winter when the weather is too inclement for gardening. Serious gardeners will notice exotic plants that are too tender to grow in the UK, except in a heated greenhouse. And what is commonplace in one country may be sold at high prices in garden centres in another. ‘What are those?’ I asked a friend in Spain, marvelling at wild miniature narcissi on a mountain side, lemon coloured with swept back petals. ‘Wild flowers’ she answered. ‘Yes, but what?’ ‘I don’t know, there are lots of them round here.’

This Botanicals page shows botanical stamps organised by country. Please see Botanicals by Theme for stamps showing: Fungi, Orchids, Roses, Trees, and Views, Parks and Gardens. Sometimes a stamp fits more than one category, so you may find trees on stamps in Views, parks and gardens, as well as in Trees, and some orchids in general sets, such as those from the Malaysian States.

Most stamps shown here are postally used unless stated otherwise. The postally used stamps have been specially selected for light postmarks. The mint stamps are all unmounted.

I have a lot more flowers, trees and fungi on stamps, so if you are looking to fill gaps in your collection, or would like to explore a particular theme, please email me c/o

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1976 Various Themes

15c Geiger tree £0.05
25c Hibiscus £0.05

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1959 Native Floral Species

1s6d Christmas bells £0.25
2s Flannel flower £0.05
2s3d Wattle £0.05
2s5d Banksia £0.20
3s Waratah £0.05

1962 Commonwealth Games

5d Kangaroo Paw plant £0.05

1968 State Floral Emblems

The next Australian flowers show state floral emblems. The Pink Heath is the emblem for Victoria, the Blue Gum is Tasmania’s flower, Sturt’s Desert Pea is the emblem for South Australia, and the Waratah is the emblem for New South Wales.

13c Pink Heath £0.20
15c Blue Gum £0.10
20c Sturt’s Desert Pea £0.20
30c Waratah £0.05
Or £0.40 for the four stamps, a saving of £0.15 Also available, Cooktown orchid (Queensland) £0.25

1975 Wild Flowers

These are small stamps.
18c Heliochrysum £0.05
45c Callistemon £0.05

1978 Northern Territory

18c Sturts desert rose  £0.05

1994 Greetings

45c Tulips £0.15

1999 Flora and Fauna: Coastal environment

These four 45c stamps are the flowers from this Flora and Fauna set, a native Fuschia, a Guinea flower, Morning glory and Australian bluebells.
Price: £0.15 each, or £0.45 for the four, a saving of £0.15.

2002 Flora and Fauna

Great Sandy Desert 50c Star flower £0.10

2003 Australian Horticulture

All 50c, self adhesive version, each stamp depicting a different flower, a Camelia, Rose, Grevillea, Kangaroo paw, and Rhodedendron.

Price: £0.15 each, or £0.60 for the set of five stamps, a saving of £0.15.

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(the Hibiscus appears twice below, and only the 7c is shown, since the same design is used for the 12c)

2c Breadfruit mint £0.05, used £0.10 7c Hibiscus mint £0.65, used £0.95 8c Yellow elder mint £0.25, used £0.45 12c Hibiscus mint £0.65, used £0.75 18c Royal Poinciana, used only, £0.20

1993 Environmental Protection

This set shows a Cordia, Seaside morning glory, Poinciana and a Spider lily.
Price: £2.50 for the set of four stamps.

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1989 Wild Plants

The Spider lily and Opuntia are shown here.

5c Scarlet cordia £0.35
20c Spider lily £01.0
35c Red sage £0.35
50c Whitewood £0.10
65c Prickly sage £0.20
80c Opuntia $0.45
$1.10 Lent tree $0.60
$10 Maypole £2.25

More from this set available, please ask

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1965 Ghent Flower Show

1f Vriesia, 2f Echinocactus and 3f Stapelia.
Price, £0.15 for the set of three stamps, CTO.

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1970 Flowers

The Bottlebrush, Oleander, Bermudiana, Poinsettia, Hibiscus, Coralita, Tecoma, Angel’s Trumpet, Plumbago and Bird of Paradise are shown here. Some of the designs are repeated, as you can see from the list below.

2c Bottlebrush £0.10
3c Oleader £0.20
4c Bermudiana £0.05
5c Poinsettia £0.05
6c Hibiscus £0.10
10c Bougainvillea £0.10
12c Jacaranda £0.20
18c Coralita with 1971 overprint £0.10
25c Morning Glory £1.50
30c Tecoma £0.35
36c Angel’s Trumpet £0.50
40c Angel’s Trumpet £1.75
60c Plumbago £0.50
$1 Plumbago £2.00
$1.20 Birdo of Paradise £0.45
$2 Bird of Paradise £1.70

More from this set available, please ask.

1994 Flowering Fruits

The 25c Mulberry and 75c Loquat are shown here

25c Mulberry £0.15
75c Loquat £0.55
$1 Prickly pear £0.90
$3 Bay grape £2.00
$5 Banana $2.25

More from this set available, please ask.

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1976 Rhodedendrons

1ch Cinnabarinum £0.05, mint
More from this set available, please ask.

1976 Flowers, all mint

1ch Orchid £0.05
2ch different Orchid £0.05
3ch and another different Orchid £0.05
4ch Primula denticulata £0.05
5ch Arum £0.05

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1992 Brazilian Botanical Foundation, Flower Paintings

700cr Nidularium rubens £0.20

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1977 (small)

1c Bottle Gentian, 2c Red columbine, 3c Canada lily, 4c Hepatica, 5c Shooting star, 10c Lady’s slipper orchid, 15c Canada violet.
Price: all @ £0.05 each

1980 International Flower Show

17c Garden Flowers £0.10

1991 Edible berries

1c Blueberry £0.05
2c Wild strawberry £0.05
25c Saskatoon berry £0.10
More of this set available, please ask.

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2002 Medicinal Plants

30c Ocimun basilicum £0.45
Also available, 25c Capparis spinosa @ £0.25

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1971 Birds and Flowers

These are all small except for the $2.
1c Cirrhopetalum umbellatum £0.10
3c Calanthe furcata £0.05
4c Bulbophyllum Sp nov £0.30
6c Phaius tancarvilliae £0.05
10c Acanthephippium vitiense £0.05
$2 Dendrobium platygastrium £0.30

More of this set available, including birds, please ask.

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2003 International Horticultural Exhibition

45c Flower £0.20

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1967 Various themes

2.5p Commelina £0.05

1978 Flowers

11p Bauhinia purpurea £0.05

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1977 Birds, Fish, Flowers

3p Giant squill £0.05
9p Scorpion vetch £0.15

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Great Britain

1964 International Botanical Congress

3d Spring gentian £0.10

1967 Wild Flowers

These four have a face value of 4d.
Hawthorn and bramble, Bindweed and bugloss, Daisy, coltsfoot and buttercup, Bluebell, campion and wood anenome.
Price: £0.20 for the four stamps

1979 Spring Wild Flowers

9p Primrose, 10.5p Daffodil, 11p Bluebell and 13p Snowdrop.
Price: £0.50 for the set of four, mint.

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1966 Various themes

3c Flamboyant plant £0.25

1975 Flowers

0.50 Barbadine £0.05, mint

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Grenadines of St Vincent

1985 Flowers

Joined pair, 55c face value, Clianthus formosus and Clemisia Coriantha.
Price: £0.10 for the pair, mint

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1978 Christmas

5p Solanum £0.05

2004 Clematis

All cost 22p at the time, for postage within Guernsey.
Rosemoor, Arctic Queen, Harlow carr, Guernsey Cream and Josephine Price £0.20 each or £0.80 for the five, a saving of £0.20.

2005 Irises

26p Iris Dorothea and Royal £0.15

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1971 Flowers

1c Pitcher Plant £0.05
2c Allamanda Cathartica (Yellow Allamanda) £0.05
3c Hanging Heliconia £0.05
5c Bixa Orellana (Annato Tree) £0.05
10c Cattleya Violacea £0.05
15c Oncidium Lanceanum (Christmas Orchid) £0.05
25c Marabunta £0.05
40c Tiger Beard £0.05

More of this set available, please ask.

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1973 Wild Flowers

40f Wild rose and 60f Cyclamen
Price: £0.05 each

1985 Lilies

1f Red lily, 2f Turk’s cap and 2f Dog’s tooth violet.
Price: £0.05 each.

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1966 New Year

50d Narcissus and 1r Narcissus.
Price: £0.15 for the set of two.

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1978 Wild Flowers

8p Spring gentian, 10p Strawberry tree, 11p Large flowered butterwort and 17p St Daeboc’s heath.
Price: £0.55 for the set of four, mint.

1986 Ferns

24p Hart’s tongue fern, 28p Rusty back fern, 46p Killarney fern.
Price: £0.95 for the set of three, mint.

1987 Anniversaries

30p Calccolaria burbidgei £0.35, mint.

1988 Endangered Flora

24p Cottonweed, 28p Hart’s saxifrage and 46p Purple milkvetch.
Price: £1.05 for the set of three, mint.

1990 Garden Flowers (not shown here) 

26p Narcissus, 30p Rosa Hibernica, 41p Primula and 50p Erica.
Price:  £1.35 for the set of four, mint

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Isle of Man

1998 Flowers

1p Bearded iris £0.05
21p Cushag £0.10
22p Gorse £0.10
More of this set available, please ask.

2004 Wild Flowers

25p Lesser celandine £0.20

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