Here is a selection of some of the bird stamps available. The stamps listed here are used and specially selected for light postmarks, except where it is stated that they are mint. The mint stamps are all unmounted.

There is a longer email list of bird stamps, available on request. Please contact me at if you would like the email list.

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1981 Birds

These are small stamps.
50a Wren £0.05
100a Plover £0.05

1986 Birds

A set of four stamps depicting a Pied wagtail, Pintail, Merlin and Razorbill. They are medium-sized stamps.
Price: £1.25, mint.

1996 Birds

40k Goldeneye £0.40

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1979 Birds

Wren, Grebe, Goose and Falcon
Price: £0.65 for the set of four, mint

1989 Game Birds

Grouse, Lapwing, Woodcock and Pheasant
Price: £1.65 for the set of four, mint

1997, 2001 and 2002 Birds

The following three sets can be a little confusing because the same picture was issued for many of the birds before Ireland changed to the euro, after the change, and during the transition. The transition stamps have the face value in both currencies, while the post-euro stamps show c for cents.

If all you want is a picture of the bird, it makes sense to go for the cheapest version of that particular bird. However… some these were also issued in different sizes, a smaller version, and a larger version which was self-adhesive. Generally the larger, self-adhesive version is a little more expensive, and you may think it worthwhile to pay a bit more to get a bigger picture.

Illustrations of most of the birds are shown here. I have 30p Blackbirds, large 30p Goldcrests, and 41c Chaffinches coming out of my ears, which is why their price is low.
The postmarks for most of these are very good. There is a price variation (acc to pm) where the pm is of variable quality.

1997 (pre-euro version)

1p Magpie £0.15
2p Gannet £0.15
4p Corncrake £0.10
5p Pigeon £0.10, smaller – £0.20
10p Kingfisher £0.20
20p Lapwing £0.25
28p Blue tit £0.10
30p Blackbird £0.10, larger – £0.15
30p Goldcrest £0.25, smaller – £0.35, larger – £0.15
32p Robin £0.10, larger £0.50
35p Stone chat £0.25
45p Thrush £0.35
50p Sparrowhawk £0.35
£1 White-fronted goose (large) £0.40


30/38c Blackbird £0.15, larger £0.30
30/38c Goldcrest larger only £0.30
35/44 Puffin £0.20 to £0.40 acc to pm
45/57c Thrush £0.40


1c Magpie £0.05
2c Gannet £0.10
3c Blue tit £0.05
4c Corncrake £0.10
5c Pigeon £0.10
7c Stonechat £0.10
10c Kingfisher £0.05
20c Lapwing £0.10
38c Blackbird £0.15, larger £0.25
38c Goldcrest, larger only, £0.25
41c Goldcrest, larger only, £0.30
41c Chaffinch £0.10, large £0.10
44c Robin £0.20
48c Peregrine falcon £0.10 to £0.20, larger £0.15 to £0.30 acc to pm
48c Wagtail larger only £0.25
50c Heron £0.30
57c Curlew £0.25
60c Puffin £0.15 to £0.30, larger £0.20 to £0.40 acc to pm
60c Jay £0.20 to £0.40 acc to pm
N P falcon large £0.20 to £0.40 acc to pm
N Wagtail large £0.20 to £0.40 acc to pm
1 euro Barnacle goose (large) £0.35

1999 Parks

30p Swans £0.50 (self adhesive version)

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Isle of Man

1976 Wild Birds

1997 Owls

The stamps shown here are mint, except for the long-eared owl.
20p Tawney mint – £0.30p, used- £0.20
24p Short-eared mint – £0.30p, used – £0.25
31p Long eared (no mint) used £0.30
43p Snowy mint – £0.55, (no used)
56p Eurasian Tawney mint – £0.70, used – £0.55
Also available, MS £1.20 Long eared owl £1.55 mint

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Ivory Coast

2004 Birds of Prey

Three very decorative minisheets with four stamps on each, depicting birds of prey.
Price: £0.60 each, CTO, or £1.50 for the three minisheets, a saving of £0.30.

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1979 Various themes

8c Tody £0.40
10c Mango (Doctor bird) £0.10
12c Amazon £0.65
15c Steamertail £0.10
35c Thrush £0.10
50c Woodpecker £0.10


10c overprinted on 12c Amazon £0.20

1985 Audubon

20c Brown Pelican £0.05

1986 Birds

25c Mangrove cuckoo £0.05
55c Becard £0.10

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All the Japanese stamps are small.

1952 Various themes

5y Mandarin ducks £0.05

1961 Various themes

80y Pheasants £0.05
100y Cranes £0.05

1971 Various themes

90y Golden eagle £0.05

1980 Various themes

100y Silver cranes £0.05

1992 Birds

50y White eye £0.15
62y Dove £0.10
80y Kingfisher £0.15
90y Duck £0.15
110y Plover £0.20

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1989 Endangered Fauna

17p Barn owl £0.20

1997 Seabirds and Waders

Shown here are five mint stamps, the 1p Merganser, 4p Gannet
5p Grebe, 10p Tern and 24p Puffin.
Below, in a group of four, are the 2p Sanderling, 20p Dunlin 22p Plover and 23p Godwit, all used.
This is a very long set, 32 stamps in all, and I have quite a few of them, so I am grouping mint and used prices separately, to make them easier to read.

Mint Seabirds and Waders

£0.45 for the five mint stamps shown here (1p, 4p, 5p, 10p and 24p)
Individual prices for other mint stamps from this set:
20p Dunlin £0.25
25p Brent Goose £0.30
75p Redshank £0.85
£2 Shag £2.25
Many of the rest of this set are also available as single mint stamps, please ask.

Used Seabirds and Waders

1p Merganser, 2p Sanderling, and 4p Gannet at £0.05 each
20p Dunlin, 21p Sandwich tern, 22p Plover and 23p Godwit at £0.15 each
More used stamps from this set available, please ask.

2001 Birds of Prey

23p Long-eared owl £0.15

More Jersey bird stamps available, please ask.

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1993 Birds

The stamps in this set are small from 50c to 14s, and large from 50s to 100s.

Small stamps:

50c Superb starling £0.05
1s Barbet £0.15
1.50s Turaco £0.20
3s Honeyguide £0.05
5s Fish eagle £0.20
6s Guinea fowl £0.20
7s Kingfisher £0.10
8s Pigeon £0.05
10s Bee eater £0.05
11s Sunbird £0.10
14s Weaver £0.10
The 50c starling costs less than a tenth of cv because I have a lot of them.

Large stamps:

The postmarks (pm) are CDS, sometimes heavy handed, so the price varies according (acc) to the postmark.
50s Hornbill £0.25 to £0.60 acc to pm
80s Flamingo £0.60 to £0.80 acc to pm.
100s Ibis £0.55 to £0.85 acc to pm.

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Korea, North

1973 Songbirds

10ch Starling £0.20

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1982 Birds

50c Barn swallow, 1k Hoopoe, 2k Kingfisher, 3k Blue monarch, 4k Grey wagtail
These are the first five stamps in a set of six.
Price: £0.25 for the five stamps

The Kingfisher and Swallow can also be bought separately at £0.05 each.

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1979 Endangered Birds

14d Kingfisher £0.05
20d Pelican £0.05

2003 Presidency EU

2.17 euros Fresco Thera swallows £1.25

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15s Pied wagtail
Wagtail alone £0.20
Wagtail with chick £0.25

(This is a double stamp, with smaller chick stamp attached to the main one – see scan. The chick has no face value and is not depicted in the SG catalogue. Some stamps came with the chick, others without)

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1981 Birds

These are all mint.
1s Great Kestrel £0.05
2s Speckled pigeon £0.05
3 Crowned crane £0.10
5s Shrike £0.10
6s Robin chat £0.10
7s Yellow canary £0.10
10s Pintail £0.10
25s Kingfisher £0.30
40s Sunbird £0.40

Or all the nine above for £0.95, a saving of £0.35

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1982 Birds

This set of 16 stamps includes an Oriole, Flamingo, Dove, Barn owl and Hoopoe. The set was printed to form a composite picture. SG only mentions blocks of four forming a picture, but in fact the birds are set in a landscape which you can only see properly with the whole set – see scan.

Sending the complete unfolded set by mail pushes up the cost of postage because of its size (the sheet measures 14cm by 21cm). It is cheaper to send if it is folded along the perfs in the middle. If you are paying for the actual cost of the postage, I am easy on how it is sent, and the extra packaging comes free, just let me know.

Complete set of 16 stamps, joined to form a sheet and composite picture, £4.50 mint

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