Here is a selection of some of the bird stamps available. The stamps listed here are used and specially selected for light postmarks, except where it is stated that they are mint. The mint stamps are all unmounted.

There is a longer email list of bird stamps, available on request. Please contact me at if you would like the email list.

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1994 Protected Animals

3.75 House sparrows £0.10

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2003 Birds of Prey and 2003 Penguins

Two minisheets, one showing photos of Birds of Prey, and the other showing photos of Penguins. The minisheets are approx 15cm by 20cm, with 25 different stamps per minisheet, all with a face of 200f. The CTO is quite light on the Birds of Prey, and quite heavy on the Penguins, though, as there are few CTO stamps, few penguins are affected. The illustration is a good guide, since the cancelling is consistent.

Price: £0.85 for the Birds of Prey minisheet, and £0.75 for the Penguins, or £1.50 for the pair, CTO.

2009 Owls

Minisheet, 8.5cm by 10.5cm, with four stamps showing four different owls, including a Barn owl. Price: £0.55 for the minisheet, CTO.

2010 Seabirds

Minisheet, 10cm by 16.5cm, with nine stamps showing Seabirds, including an Eider duck, Tern, Guillemot, Canada goose and Puffin.

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1976 Wild Birds

The Kingfisher and Dove are shown here.
0.5c Ringed kingfisher, 1c Mourning dove, and 2c Green heron
Price: £0.05 each, mint

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Falkland Islands

2003 Birds

1p Wigeon, 2p Dolphin gull, 5p Steamer ducks, 10p Black-throated finch, and 22p Grebe
The first five bird stamps from this set.

Price: £0.65 for the five, all mint.

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1995 Ravens

Joined pair, set of two, face value of each is 4k
Price: £1.25 for the pair, mint.

2002 Birds and Their Eggs

The 5k Whimbrel is shown here.
5k Whimbrel £0.45
7.50 Snipe £0.50

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1971 Birds and Flowers

The three below are small stamps.
2c Honeyeater, 5c White-eye, 8c Flycatcher
Price: £0.05 each

The two below are large stamps.

50c Pigeon £0.15
$1 Lory £1.50, mint

The flowers from this set are also available.

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1976 Bird Protection

50pf Golden Plover £0.10

1981 Animal Protection

60pf Baby black coot £0.10

1998 Birds

100 Hen harrier and chicks, wavy lines plus CDS £0.35

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1959 Various themes

6d Fire-Crowned Bishop £0.05

1965 Decimal Currency

15p on 1s 3d Pennant-winged Nightjar £0.15

1967 Various themes

1.5np Forest Kingfisher £0.25
4np Rufous-crowned Roller £0.05
50np Black-winged Stilt £0.25

The 1.5np Forest kingfisher and 50np Stilt are priced at a tenth or less of their 2010 SG catalogue value, because I have a lot of them.

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1977 Birds, Fish and Flowers

6p Kite £0.15

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Great Britain

1977 Xmas

This Christmas set follows the theme of the carol ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’, which includes the birds depicted on these stamps, the 7p Hens and turtle dove, 7p Geese and colly birds (calling birds), 7p Swans and 9p Partridge.
Price: £0.05 each

1980 Birds

This classic set shows British water birds.
10p Kingfisher £0.05
11.5p Dipper £0.10
13p Moorhen £0.20
15p Yellow Wagtail £0.25
Or £0.50 for the complete set, a saving of £0.10.
This set is also available as mint stamps, at £0.75 for the set of four.

1981 Darwin

26p Darwin and finches £0.20

1983 Xmas

12.5p Postbox with a circle of flying birds, including a magpie and a goldfinch £0.10

1995 Xmas

19p Robin in pillar box £0.05

1999 Scientist’s Tale

26p Galapagos finch £0.25

2001 Xmas

2nd Robins and snowman £.0.15
1st Robins on bird table £.0.25

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1979 Endangered Birds

14d Kingfisher £0.05
20d Pelican £0.05

2003 Presidency EU

2.17 euros Fresco Thera swallows £1.25

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1976 Flora and Fauna

0.5c Bananaquit £0.05, mint.

1978 Wild Birds

0.5c Black headed gull, 1c Storm petrel and 2c Plover
Price: £0.05 each, mint

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Grenadines of St Vincent

1978 Birds and Their Eggs

1c £0.05, mint
20c £0.15

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Grenadines of St Vincent, Union Island

1985 Audubon Leaders

Set of four joined pairs, eight stamps, showing eight different birds:
Hooded Warbler and Carolina wren, Song sparrow and Grosbeak, Tanager and Bunting, and Hawk and Merlin.

Price: £0.55 for the eight stamps (four pairs), mint

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1978 Birds

5p Gannet £0.05

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Guernsey, Alderney

1994 Fauna and Flora

24p Black backed gull £0.15

These have been CTOd by the Guernsey Philatelic Bureau, and one side is straight, probably because they were designed to be sold in booklets.

2000 Falcons

21p Peregrine falcon £0.15

More Guernsey and Alderney stamps available, please ask.

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1968 Fish and Birds

10c Spix’s guan £0.10
15c Harpy eagle £0.05

1985 Wildlife Protection

320c Macaw, green background £1.25, mint This is the only bird in the set, and has the second highest face value.

1995 Birds

$20 Egyptian goose £0.05
$25 Crossbill £0.10 block of 4 £0.30, block of 8 £0.60
$35 Ruff £0.10
$60 Hoopoe £0.10

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1975 Audubon

These are all large stamps showing Audubon paintings. The same design is used for different face values, eg the Water turkey comes in several different values, as does the Loon.

The birds shown here are the 5c Wild turkey, 75c Common loon, 75c Curlew, 75c Blue jay, 75c Water turkey, 1g Pelican, 1.50g Roseate tern, 2.50 Horned owl, 2.50 Mallard, 5g Pleated woodpecker, 5g Whooping crane, and 5g Mourning dove.

All 12 of the birds are the same price, at £0.10 each, mint, regardless of face value.
I also have a few of some of the birds above CTO at £0.05 each

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1952 Birds

These are triangular stamps.
30f Stork £0.05
40f Oriole £0.05

1962 Birds of Prey

30 Eagle owl £0.05
40 Osprey £0.05

1968 Bird Preservation

50f Orioles £0.05
1ft Falcons £0.05

1973 Hungarian Birds

40f Wrens £0.05
60f Rock thrush £0.05

1983 Birds of Prey

A set of seven birds, 1ft Spotted eagle, 1ft Imperial eagle, 2ft White-tailed eagle, 2ft Red-footed falcon, 4ft Saker falcon, 6ft Rough-legged buzzard and 8ft Common buzzard.
Price: £0.95 for the set, CTO.

1987 Antarctic

2ft King Penguins £0.05

1988 Wild ducks

These are the first four stamps in this set, the 2ft Teal, 2ft Goldeneye, 4ft Wigeon and 4ft Pochard.
Price: £0.35 for the four stamps, CTO.

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